Scientists Reveal The Fact How To Tell a Person’s Character By The Shape of Their Hands


Every day we learn something new about ourselves and this time we are going to learn what our palms can say about us, according to Kay Packard, head of American Academy of Hand Analysis, who believes that each finger has its particular meaning.

  1. Determine your strong hand:

This is simple – you are left handed or right handed. A lot can be said about your business and personal qualities by the fingers on your lead hand, while your fingers, on the other hand, reveal your attitude to your close ones.

  1. Determine your strong and weak fingers:

Every person has strong and weak fingers. A weak finger is one who is bent leaning forward or can’t do anything and a strong finger is one that is long and straight.

Your striving for success in the profession can be determined by the strong thumb on your hand.

Your interest in power, your strength of character and shrewdness can be determined by your strong index finger.

Your responsibility, efficiency, confidence, and wisdom is determined by your middle finger.

Your artistry and self-expression are determined by your ring finger.

And your communicative skills are depicted by the smallest finger.

  1. Note the shape of your fingertips:

Your wish to be at peace with others and your fear of disapproval is determined by the round shape of your fingertips.

If you are precise then you certainly have square and flat fingers.

If you have broad fingertips, then they tell about your favor of ingenuity and dislike of beaten paths.

If you have sharp fingertips then they tell that you like quitting practical activities in favor of unusual.

  1. Look the gaps between your fingers:

If you have fingers that are wide apart from each other, then that means you are independent and fond of experiments.

If you have closely set fingers, then you are prudent, careful and possibly self-contained.

If you have your ring and middle finger apart from each other, then you are hard to influence, but if they are close, then you tend to live up to social expectations.

Take a look at the distance between your ring and small finger. Is the gap wide? If so, then you tend to avoid serious talks. Is it average? If it is, then you are an independent thinker.

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