Remove Blood Stains With Saliva – Yes, It Works!

After years of trying every product imaginable to get blood out of clothing, I finally found what works. My father-in-law’s colleague told him that the person whose blood it belongs to, can “lick” it out. So I tried it. I had a stain on my skirt (cotton) from where a razor cut on my leg had bled. I took a small amount of my own saliva on my finger and began to rub the stain.

It took it completely out: not even the faint ring that is often left behind. However, a few weeks later when my son had a blood stain on one of his athletic uniforms, it was his saliva, not mine, that got it out. My amazement at how well it worked overcame my reluctance at how gross it was.

If you don’t have access to soap, you can use your saliva. It may sound disgusting, but your saliva is capable of breaking up blood stains because saliva contains an enzyme that will break down the proteins found in the blood stain. After you have rinsed the fabric in cold water, work up a generous amount of saliva in your mouth and spit onto the blood stain. Rub the saliva into the stain, then rinse again with clean cold water.


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